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Targeting Pannexins-1 to prevent seizures

Pannexin-1 contributes to seizure generation

  • In human epileptic brain tissue
  • In a representative mouse model of chronic Epilepsy

Pannexin-1 is related to the epileptic condition

  • Poorly expressed in healthy tissue
  • Highly expressed in pathological tissue

Pannexin-1 are activated during seizure process

  • Increase of permeability
  • Flux of larger molecules such as ATP

Pannexin-1 blocker drug is a specific therapy

  • State-dependent activity
  • Prevents seizures
  • Does not affect basal brain activity

Ref: Dossi et al., 2018 – Science Transl Med ; Michalski et al., 2020 – Elife ; Dossi et al., 2021 – Purinergic Signal