EpilepsyA huge burden

Epilepsy is a neurological disease related to recurrent paroxysmal abnormal brain function.

A common worldwide disease

Epilepsy affects more than 50 million subjects worldwide and is the most common neurological condition in children

With devastating consequences

Epilepsy has devastating consequences : it affects cognition, particularly learning and memory, disrupts socio-professional & family interactions, causes many co-morbidities including psychiatric conditions. Developmental consequences of a pediatric epilepsy are carried lifelong.

Epilepsy kills

Epilepsy kills : 3-6 times the mortality rate of general population.

EpilepsyStill not optimally treated

  • More than 30% of epilepsy patients are still resistant to current treatments which are nonspecific and cause many side effects
  • Epilepsy affects 0.8% of the world population with various more or less resistant syndromes
  • Moreover, epilepsy carries on stigma